VTB Insurance Ltd.

Insurance company VTB Insurance Limited Company 
VTB Insurance Ltd.
General Director Irina Yakusheva
Address 2/4, bld.1, Turgenevskaya Sq., 101000, Moscow
Phone +7 (495) 580-73-33, +7 (495) 644-44-40; 8-800-100-44-40 (in Russia)
Fax +7 (495) 589-24-08
E-mail info@vtbins.ru
Web-site www.vtbins.ru

VTB Insurance Ltd. operates according to the license No.3398 77 granted by the Russian Insurance Supervision Service and offers 17 types of insurance, including compulsory civil liability motor-vehicle insurance (OSAGO) and a full range of insurance services for corporates and individuals (except for life insurance).