VTB Bank (France)

VTB Bank (France)
Chairman of the Board Lyubov Mokhnacheva
Address 79/81, Boulevard Haussmann 75382, Paris, Cedex 08
Phone (331) 40-06-43-21
Fax (331) 40-06-48-48
Web-site http://france.vtb.com

VTB Bank (France) was founded on January 21, 1921 in Paris to handle foreign trade operations between the USSR and France. Since 2005, the bank has been a member of VTB Group. VTB Bank (France) closely cooperates with large commercial and industrial companies of Europe, Russia and other CIS countries, the leading French and West-European banks. The Bank offers a wide range of services for the following types of bank operations: structured finance, finance for export and import operations, documentary operations, credits against guaranties of insurance companies, and trade finance.