CJSC VTB Bank (Armenia)

CJSC VTB Bank (Armenia)
General Director - Chairman of the Board of Directors Valeriy Ovsyannikov
Address 46, Ul. Nalbandyan, Yerevan, 375010, the Republic of Armenia
Phone (37410) 565-860
Fax (37410) 565-578
E-mail headoffice@vtb.am
Web-site www.vtb.am

CJSC VTB Bank (Armenia) has been operating on the territory of Armenia since 1923. CJSC VTB Bank (Armenia) is a universal bank offering a full range of banking services to individuals and corporates in Armenia. The branch network of the Bank includes 86 outlets. The Bank joins the top 5 major banks in Armenia with the following ratings assigned by the Fitch Ratings agency: a long-term rating issuer rating BB, a short-term rating B, individual rating D/E, support rating 3.